Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More ink in my nails than on the page!

Trying to explain at work that I have a "thing for pen nibs" only made me sound stranger than I usually do. "You know? The pointy part at the bottom of a feather pen, like in movies? The part you dunk in the ink? Yeah. I love those. I could play with those all day."
"Why would you want to dunk it in the ink? Wouldn't it be better to use regular pens?"
"Because the ink gets EVERYWHERE! And that's GREAT!"
"Right. Well. I collect them. Erm."

I mean, what can be more fun? More spontaneous? More messy?

Patterns and sad frogs HOORAY!

Now that the farmer's market is kaput for the season, I'll have to draw my own flowers. I'll miss you, Amish buddies.

Aw, it's a page of love birds. Not the breed, but the pun.

Hope everyone's having a great day!

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